What is Google Ads Quality Score and why does it matter?

PPCs not performing well?  

Campaign strategies failing to turn around the numbers? 

Looking for the best digital marketing agency in Dubai to help you improve your Paid Campaign results?  

Here is a list of a few factors your Digital Media Agency needs to consider to launch better ad campaigns.  

Understanding the Score Game  

Google Quality Score, which is measured on a scale of 1-10 (lowest to highest) is a criterion to measure the success of your PPC ads and directly impacts the cost per ad. The higher your Quality Score, the lower your cost per click.  

If the quality score is high, it means your PPC landing page is relevant to the query and the targeted keywords in the advertisement. It also indicates a good user experience and that the ad matches the search intent of the user. Your score helps google determine your ad rank and placement and you can check your quality score from your keywords report.  

If you want to maximize your ad budget, you need to pay attention to your quality score, for which you need to understand the factors that affect it.  

Some of those factors include: 

Click Through Rate (CTR) 

CTR or Click Through Rate is the number of clicks received on your ad per number of impressions. It determines how likely your targeted audience is to click on your ad and helps you understand the performance scale of your PPC campaign.  

If your click-through rate isn’t great, your Digital marketing agency might want to change the copy and replace it with other suitable keywords that can help your ad perform better.  

Keyword relevance 

Did you know that grouping your keywords can help improve the Quality score? According to some of the best advertising agencies in Dubai, it isn’t a great idea to flock your keywords in one single ad group. Instead, you should spread your keywords into multiple ad groups of similar categories.  

Also, your keywords should be highly relevant to your campaign so they can help you generate more traffic for the ad.  

You can further refine your ad by removing irrelevant search terms that may be wasting your ad space and budget.  

 Ad text relevance 

Your ad text should make perfect sense to your targeted ad groups. Therefore, a good digital marketing agency Dubai would always test the ad before launching the campaign.  

The text copy should be short, clear, creative, and strong. It should match the emotion of your targeted customer and trigger the right emotion for the audience to click on the ad.  

Landing Page Experience 

You have created a great ad with a good click-through rate, with all keywords, images, and text right in place. But if the landing page experience is not satisfactory, you cannot expect great conversions. To improve your overall Quality Score, your digital marketing agency in UAE should help you create a captive landing page that matches the intent of the user, and is convincing enough to convert your prospect into a customer.  

To be able to provide their clients a good ROI on their digital campaigns, every digital marketing agency UAE is obsessed with improving the quality score. While it is true that a higher quality score means lower costs and better ad positions, what the advertising agencies in Dubai need to keep in mind is that it only affects the cost of clicks per ad. It doesn’t necessarily mean better conversions. To fetch the desired results out of your campaign, you need to invest more thought into an end-to-end experience.  

Hope these tips help you and your digital marketing agency in UAE improve your next digital campaign results.  

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