Social Media KPIs You Have to Track

If you are a social media professional working in a social media marketing agency in Dubai, you must be familiar with the term Social Media KPIs. Can you recall the last time you compiled a social media performance report for a client? Were your outcomes based on just likes, shares and comments or did you analyze the data at a deeper level? You must be aware that these KPIs or Key Performance Indicators determine the performance of your social media campaign and are possibly the only true scalable metrics to ensure whether you are on the right track or not.

ENGAGEMENT is what keeps you going

If you want to understand how well your content resonates with your audience, Engagement is the primary KPI that you need to track. As a social media agency professional, you must be responsible for monitoring many social media metrics which includes Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, Clicks, and Mentions. Engagement is a measure of all of these. It is a great way to understand whether your content is working in the direction you want or not.

REACH for the reality check

Simply put, reach is the number of eyeballs coming across your content. Chances are, higher the reach, higher the engagement. But here is a catch. Higher reach can also lead to low engagement rate, which means that your active audience is not growing with the growth in the reach. These metrics need to be studied in co-relation to each other, for better analysis. Poor engagement rate means that although your content is reaching more people, it is not instigating an action amongst them. It is a clear alarm that you need to re-evaluate your strategy and put little more research into understanding what works better with your audience.

LEADS is what you want

Now while you may achieve a good engagement rate and your audience response is great on social media, it is important to remember why you begun this in the first place – to acquire quality leads, right? As a social media marketing agency, it is important that eventually you convert your audience into potential customers and generate quality leads.

CUSTOMERS is what everything boils down to

As a social media agency, we are under immense pressure to acquire customers which obviously is the end goal of any kind of marketing activity, be it advertising, social media or offline. If your social media strategy caters to the right kind of customers and you keep them engaged, eventually, you can start counting golden returns in the form of new customers.


There will be times when your social media KPIs will not be rewarding. Your campaigns won’t work, and despite multiple back and forth, you won’t be able to figure out what went wrong. Just hang in there, put your team together, spread the KPI sheets and get to the pain points.

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