Why Brand Awareness Campaigns Will Always Rule the SEO Roost

Imagine this. If you were to place your brand logo or tagline among 10 others, do you think your target audience would recognize your brand? If you’re confident they will, it means you’ve played your brand awareness game right. If you’re skeptical, you know you’ve got work to do.

Though it’s 2024 and marketing is all about sales and leads, the importance of branding will never fade. Even if one per year, established brands never leave the habit of rolling out print, TV or digital brand awareness and your brand should definitely follow this strategy. It is not for nothing that taglines like “I’m lovin’ it”, “Maybe it’s Maybelline” or the Apple logo – brand awareness elements that are high on the list of recall.

Brand awareness is like conditioning a reflex. The more you put your brand out there positively and creatively, you create a mental shortcut for customers. When they need a product or service you offer, your brand automatically pops into their mind, a trusted choice amidst a sea of others.

Aswathy Sassi, our Digital Lead feels that brand awareness campaigns will never take a backseat. She says, “A brand awareness campaign is the best way to stay on top of your audience’s mind. It’s the best way to connect and reconnect with your audience, creating a distinct persona for your brand identity and values. Every brand should implement two brand campaigns per year to elevate brand recall and customer engagement.”

Arshad, our Digital Specialist has his take too. He shares, “Even after 132 years, Coca-Cola spends a whopping $4 billion annually on brand awareness. Why? Because in a crowded marketplace, being top-of-the-mind is the golden ticket. Brand awareness isn’t just for rookies – it’s the foundation for any brand’s marketing success, and deserves a top spot in your budget.”

So, whether you’re an established brand or a newbie, brand awareness is the first step towards reaching your marketing goals. Here’s how you can begin.

Take Stock of Your Brand
Where does your brand stand in the market? Conduct a thorough audit of your brand by observing missed opportunities, searchability and earned market share. You can employ a creative agency to conduct a brand audit service to start you on your strategy.

Craft a Winning Brand Strategy

Today’s competitive digital marketing space requires that you reinvent your branding strategy to beat stagnation. A creative agency can help you do that. They will employ a digital marketing strategy to fillip your SEO and social media strategy.

The creative agency will check your website for keywords, update your website copy with relevant keywords if they are missing, check for errors or broken links and also plagiarized content that might be affecting your SEO score or page rankings. A creative agency will also guide you on social media strategies to make sure you’re offering value to your consumers and creating content that is interactive and sparks two-way communication to foster engagement.

Focus on Content Marketing.

You may have all the market and product knowledge, but if you don’t show it to people, they will never know you exist. So, sit with your creative agency and craft a strategy to leverage content like blogs, newsletters, thought leadership articles, podcasts, etc. Use your employees to create videos or snippets on product attributes, company culture, case studies and market these for a humanized image of your brand.

Measure and Adjust

Always monitor your brand strategy to know if it has yielded the desired results. Page views, engagement, referral traffic, new leads and media coverage are some of the ways to track your success. Creative agencies are essential to this process so make sure you take stock of every analysis they come up with. They will employ social listening tools to know what your customers are saying about you or if they’re talking about you at all.

As we’ve said earlier, brand awareness campaigns will never go out of style. To implement a successful brand awareness campaign, a creative agency like ours, Outreach Advertising LLC can help. Right from conducting brand audits to creating and running digital and social media campaigns and monitoring them, providing improvements, we will be with you every step of the way. We have fostered brands from varied industries like energy, tech, pharma and the food and beverage industries among others to success. Contact us today to get your brand to be known and to create its unforgettable legacy.