Our team is an assortment.

Like a mixed box of chocolates, Outreach is home to marketing veterans, millennials, and even Gen Z, the new masters of storytelling in today’s social landscape. Most of us have sharpened our skills at world-class agencies, but we also have an idea factory comprised of the young, wild, and free looking to break the mediocre paradigm. We might be different, but our goal is one – building an exciting marketing missile that fires great campaign ideas while being equipped with unparalleled communications expertise!

Pierre Pereira

Jack of All Trades
We're mixed bunch, but we make it work.

Mitchelle Pereira

Money Maestro
I hate math but i love counting money.

Leslie Almeida

Head of “Show me the money”
Today is always the most productive day of the week.

Khaled Said

Artistic Ninja
Let’s start

Kapil Varma

The Film VisionaryM
Cut! Cut! Cut!

Roopa Ravendran Menon

Story Telling Architect
I write without fear, I edit without mercy

Kenjal Chaudhary

Social Inventor

Samer hemadeh

Social Inventor


The Money Man
I never lose my balance

Aswathy Sasi

Digital Dynamo
Performance, Measurement, Results - and I'm not in sales

Mohammed Halith

Full Stack Magician
Talk is cheap show me the code

Vanja Spremo

The Alchemist
Minister of Moving Images


Copy Machine
Nothing to read here

Vivek Yadav

Hero goBro

Arshad Saleemdeen

Senator I run ads


Copy Righter
I write it right.

Shahab Sayed

Connoisseur of Pantone
If it bleeds we crop it

Zeina Freiwat

Chief Inspirer

Adarsh S N

SEO Visionary

Sachin Jain

Animation Guru