At Outreach Outdoor, we mix the conventional with innovation and are constantly re-inventing our assets! Our billboards, transit and digital out of home assets are strategically located in the UAE – in its capital - Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Transit advertising takes your ad street-level and delivers your message to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It is a great way to showcase your products and services while people are commuting.

Taxis (Dubai)

Outreach has acquired the franchise for the Yellow Top, National Taxi fleet. Over the last 4 years, more than 1,500 taxis including Sedans, Innovas, and the new hybrids, have been successfully campaigned by us. several successful campaigns have been completed. Your brand can easily reach all audiences through this wide network of taxis. Taxis go everywhere – from airports, malls, residential to commercial busy streets. A monthly campaign using taxi advertising is considered to be an extremely cost-effective branding option for businesses.

Mobile Trucks (Dubai / Abu Dhabi)

Innovative and specific, mobile truck advertising is a popular choice for several FMCG and B2B brands targeting retail-based or industrial areas. The trucks are functional 10-hours daily, split between driving in a convoy or sitting parked in pre-determined locations based on the clients’ needs. The trucks offer 3 sided branding on the glass windows including the body of the truck or product specific marketing is done using 3D product displays within the trucks. It is widely used by promoters at malls or at retail destinations.

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Tuk Tuks’s (Abu Dhabi)

The unique Tuk tuk’s, a natural form of transport on the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia, can be part of a branding campaign. Similar to the mobile trucks – the tuk tuk’s offer 3 sided displays to communicate with your audience.

Dubai hoardings

Outreach large format hoardings are available in a variety of sizes from 50m going as large as 100m in length and from 12m to 16m in height. The hoardings are all front lit and available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dubai hoardings include the 50m x 12m front lit premium site located on the prestigious Sh Zayed Road which has over 400,000 cars commuting every day, a must have for branding and tactical campaigns! At the entrance to Discovery Gardens en route to the Ibn Batuta Mall, it targets a diverse and affluent consumer base.

Abu Dhabi hoardings

4 large format front lit hoardings between 70-80m in length x 12m in height on the frequently used Sh Khalifa Highway that adjoins Yas Island to Abu Dhabi City with 2 hoardings set opposite each other on either side of the Highway ensures absolute surety of your brand being seen. The area boasts the new entertainment and arts district of Abu Dhabi as it covers the Louvre, The F1 world famous Etihad Yas Marina Circuit, the new Warner Bros entertainment park, Ferrari World, the Du Arena, Yas Waterworld, the famous Yas Golf Course and having one of the largest retail spots in the UAE, the exclusive Yas Mall.

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Bridge Banners

The latest acquisition to the outreach asset portfolio, the ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) bridge banner spans 80m x 2.5m across the extremely busy Khaleej Al Arabi Street, the main conduit between Abu Dhabi city and the Musaffah and ICAD industrial areas. Not to mention that it is home to all the major events in Abu Dhabi, hosted by ADNEC, and leads up to all the VIP/CIP estates and palaces. With Capital Gate housing several major local and international companies, this site is a must-have for tactical and long term branding activities.

Digital LED Screens

Recessed into the building the famous Shining Tower LED’s are one of the premium sites in Abu Dhabi. Based in Khalidiya, the three state-of-the-art 10mm SMD screens work in tandem displaying static, motion and animation type advertising over a pre-determined time loop that works with the traffic signal to a captive audience, maximising exposure. Khalidiya is a premium local area housing banks, car dealers, several government and international companies and has a wide mix of local, western and Asian affluent expatriates. It is located in near proximity to the Khalidiya Mall, which brings several additional consumers, particularly on evenings and weekends.

The Yas LED

The Yas LED, a free-standing V-shaped 10mm DIP LED right at the entrance to Yas Island on the Shk Khalifa highway, is the doorway to the exciting entertainment district at Yas Island. At night the ad can be seen from a great distance as the impressive 14m x 7m displays run static, motion and animation type advertising over a pre-determined time loop.

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