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Talent wins games. But teamwork and intelligence wins championships

-Michael Jordan

A combination of our skills with a passion for excellence, complemented with flawless production, cutting edge technology and meticulous performance measuring, our team works together to deliver a five-star final product.

Our team is an assortment, like a mixed box of chocolates - from veterans in marketing and communications to the millennials, the new masters of storytelling in today’s social landscape. Most of us have sharpened our skills at world-class agencies, the others looking to break out of the paradigm of the mediocre in the vision to build an exciting company.

We complement creativity with flawless production, exceptional skill with cutting edge technology, killer user experiences with meticulous performance measurement always creating a five-star final product.

Pierre Pereira

Jack of All Trades

Mitchelle Pereira

Money Maestro

Leslie Almeida

Head of “Show me the money”

Ahmed Taha

Zeina Freiwat

Chief Inspirer

Kapil Varma

The Film Visionary

Mohamed Hassaballa

Social Media Rockstar

Roopa Ravendran Menon

Story Telling Architect

Joao Epifanio

The Alchemist


Jaibin roy

The Money Man

Aswathy Sasi

Digital Dynamo

Mohammed Halith

Full Stack Magician

Kenjal Chaudhary

Social Inventor

Thanzil Shamnad


Copy Coder

Sachin Jain

Animation Guru

Shahab Sayed

Connoisseur of Pantone