November Facebook Ad updates you can’t miss

November Facebook Ad updates you can’t miss

Digital | November 10, 2019

New! Add a Poll to Your Video Ad
Now you can create more interactive Facebook ads by adding a poll to your video. Polls can help you connect with your audience in a more engaging way.
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Starting Nov, Description Only Shows When Relevant 

To help improve performance for new and active ads, soon the description text will only show if it’s likely to resonate with the person seeing it.

Facebook Changes Reach Calculations

Facebook is changing the time frame that cuts off when two impressions from the same user can be counted as unique reach. This may make it seem like you’re having a smaller reach or lower impressions than before, but all else being equal, it’s likely just due to the change in algorithms.

Facebook Opens Search Ad Placements to More Advertisers

These search ads are a new type of ad for the platform, allowing advertisers to bid to have their Page show up in relevant mobile searches users make on the platform. This is the first ad type that allows businesses to reach users actively searching for Pages like theirs, giving them the chance to cash in on demand capturing instead of demand generation.

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