Tools for content discovery & ideas

Tools for content discovery & ideas

Events | August 21, 2019

Search engines love new content. Developing new content requires effort in finding trending content, discovering new ideas and then writing or curating the new piece. Here are top tools for content discovery and ideas that you can use in your content marketing.

SPUN for iPhone – SPUN is an iPhone app with an easy to use interface that helps in the curation of millions of pages from several websites, social bookmarking websites, YouTube channel, and other online blogs and magazines.

Feedly – Feedly has become one of the most popular options for assimilating the RSS feeds. This has gained a major boost in usage since Google reader shut down. Marketers consider this as one of the best option to get new content ideas and curate it. 

Pulse – LinkedIn owned Pulse is an app serving as RSS feeds from other news sources allowing users to curate based on their interests and topics of choice.

Quora – Though this social media platform is directed towards questions and answers discussions. If used in the right way one can easily identify the current trends in various discussion topics, key messages in each of the topic and such information can be immensely useful in content creation.

Pinterest – Infographics are a great way to view a comprehensive content and take ideas to turn the infographics into a blog post. 

Trapit – This is a content assimilation app that works on the theory of personalization. The personalization is based on user interests and search behavior. However, this app is only designed for the iPad. 

Inbound.org – Use Inbound.org to find great content from the world of inbound marketing from other marketers, curated by the community.

Paper.li – Browse curated online newspapers and newsletters from millions of sources across the web. Look through the Paper.li newsstand for staff picks of newspapers on a variety of engaging topics.

Alltop – Content is indexed from a variety of top publications, categorized by topics like Work, Health, Culture, Interests, Tech, People, Good, News, Geos and Sports.

Twitter – Search trending topics on Twitter to see what is popular worldwide or in a specific region to gain insights on what content to develop. Also search hashtags that are relevant to your expertise and industry to research what subjects of our interest to your existing audience and potential audiences.

Reddit – Discover what’s trending worldwide on Reddit for content inspiration on a variety of topics from across the web. Observing which headlines are more effective on Reddit can bring insights to the subject of your next article, infographic, video or other types of content.

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