Outreach manages Global and regional campaigns for a U.S. based IT company

The Client

One of the IT companies headquartered in the U.S., with more than 30 global offices and 29 years in operation.

The Challenge

The overall scope for the project which spanned 18 months was to support the global IT leader in global and regional campaigns. The regions included – U.S., Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and the U.K. The campaign was a mix of brand positioning and awareness, and lead generation as the objectives.

Project Name: Multiple Digital Marketing campaigns for Microsoft solutions (new launch and existing solutions)

Location: U.S.A, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, U.K.

Time Frame: 18 months

Languages: English


The Solution

Campaigns executed

Throughout the 18 months’ period, three global campaigns were executed and 12 regional campaigns were planned and implemented. Each of the campaigns would consist of 12 to 15 content types that were spanned across the buyer journey and targeted towards the right buyer personas.

Content types