Leading oil lubricant company achieves page 1 ranking within 6 months

The Client

A global leader in Motor Lubricants.

The Challenge

One of the largest names in the global motor lubricant industry has four different regional websites for catering to the middle east regions. They needed to get their overall page ranking and keyword ranking up for all the four properties. Their competitors had consolidated websites for targeting the users in the middle east region. Hence the issue was more complex as we needed to get the ranking up for all vs. one. Therefore even the effort that needed to go in this exercise was additional as compared to the competitors of the same domain. 


The Solution

Outreach proposed a phase-wise strategic SEO plan that included technical, on and off-page SEO. 


Outreach proposed the client to state the regions that they wanted to target, the personas they were going after for each of the regions and the products that they wanted to market for the period. Post getting these data, we drew a macro SEO plan and laid out a phase by phase plan. 

  • Selected 15 keywords per website 
  • These 15 keywords were optimized for 4 selected regions for each of the website

The project is an ongoing project, however, to achieve the page 1 ranking in the first six months, it was important that immediately after the website audit, the technical and on-page SEO needs to be conducted. 

Phase 0 – Website and social audit 

Phase 1 – Technical SEO

Phase 2 – On-page and Local SEO

Phase 3 – Off-page SEO and ongoing on-page optimization 

An integrated approach was followed to achieve the page 1 ranking. The content needed to be developed and promoted efficiently to generate traffic back to the website. The use of high performing keywords in content development was an integral part of the effort.

The Results

Higher ranking

Based on a six months period, the project achieved the following results:

  • Page 1 ranking for the four regional websites
  • Page 1 ranking for 15 keywords
  • Page 2 and 3 for 23 keywords
  • Page 4 and 5 for 32 keywords

Lead conversion

Due to the higher volume of traffic, the websites witnessed more downloads than earlier. This resulted in greater lead conversion and thereby a higher marketing ROI.