Drive More Engagement Through
Animated Videos!

If you need a different approach to convey your message – animation is what you need to adopt. Time is a critical factor and better than reading huge volumes of texts, the video can just be the right way to get across to your audience. These videos can be helpful when you want to develop corporate videos, brand launch, event videos, product or service videos, technical prototypes, and other functional videos.

Outreach provides you with the best-in-class approach to developing your animated videos. We use sophisticated tools such as Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate combined with techniques like Model Animation, GCI, Drawn Animation, Cut Out Animation, Stop Motion Animation, and 3D visualization.

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    About Outreach Advertising

    Outreach Advertising is a full-cycle marketing agency headquartered in Dubai. We help companies grow by developing marketing strategies that are fueled by data and analytics. We have five core divisions – Digital Marketing, Outdoor, Events, Creative, and Consultancy. Our culture revolves under our core belief – “Go Beyond”. We go beyond the traditional practices and embed innovative work approaches to maximize the business growth of our customers. This reflects in the way we work, and partner with our customers and employees.